Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun B37

Has a massage gun been recommended to you? If so, it was most probably the Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun B37

meet one of the best message gun in the market


All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Level 3 Brushless Motor
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • Ergonomic Design           
  • Ultra Quiet Technology
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
  • Premium Quality Materials 

Why is Ekrin Athletics Massage gun B37 priced that way?

When you buy this product, are you simply paying for the brand? No, what you will be buying is a high quality portable massage gun, resistant and designed with the sole purpose of providing you with hours of muscle relaxation.

Its goal is clear: to become the ultimate percussion gun for athletes. Ready to take your muscle recovery to the next level? Look no further than our B37 Percussion Massager and its powerful percussive therapy. You’ll feel the difference in just a few moments and enjoy the benefits for hours to come.

Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun B37

  • Relieve tight, sore muscles: soothe stiff, sore and tight muscles that make exercise difficult. Find instant relief with our deep tissue massage gun. Rapid percussion sends therapeutic vibration deep into muscle tissue, quickly relieving soreness, knots and stiffness.
  • Enhance performance and recovery: with 5 speeds ranging from 1400 to 3200 RPM, the B37 provides a wide range of power to provide deep tissue massage or gentle treatment. Customize usage with 4 attachments designed for the perfect percussive body massage.
  • Energizes and activates the body: 30 seconds of treatment “wakes up” muscles by increasing blood flow and releasing tension. Activate your muscles to maximize training and performance.
  • Powerful and quiet: with quiet gliding noise reduction technology, the 365 massager delivers powerful vibration and percussion without the loud noise of other athletic recovery devices.


Learn about the advantages of using Ekrin percussion massager B37

Anyone who decides to use this percussion massager will have access to the following advantages:

  • Ergonomic Design for comfortable use and precise targeting of muscle groups.
  • Powerful Level 3 Brushless Motor for deep tissue massage.
  • Ultra Quiet Technology for a relaxing massage experience.
  • 8 Hour Battery Life to ensure your muscles get the treatment they need.
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments to customize your massage to your preference.
  • Increases blood flow and releases tension to energize and activate your body.
  • The B37 is a powerful and quiet deep tissue massage gun that can provide the relief your muscles need to perform at their best.

With the Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun B37, you can say goodbye to muscle pain and hello to a faster recovery. Get the ultimate deep tissue massage gun to take your performance to the next level!

Ekrin Athletics Massage gun B37 Review

What is the opinion of those who have used the Ekrin Athletics Massage gun B37?

This massage gun is amazing! I have neck/back injuries and have been living with back pain for over 30 years. Using this really makes a difference. I sleep better at night. I can use it by myself and it does ok(due to limited range in my arms). I have my wife use it on my back and it makes a big difference. It is very quiet and I have been using it for a week and have not had to recharge the battery. I use it about 20 minutes a day total.

This massage gun is amazing! . (5/5)

I have never owned a device like this before so I was skeptical to how useful it would be. I’ve been pleasantly surprised however in that it has brought me a tremendous amount of relief to some muscle discomfort/soreness I’ve had for a while now in my legs and lower back. I am hopeful that as time goes on with continued usage, my soreness will continue to decline and go away or at the very least, this will continue to mitigate those sore problem areas. Excellent tool/product and I would recommend to anyone who may be on the fence or looking for sore muscle solutions.

I’m impressed. (5/5)

It takes a while to reach me but the product is good. It’s has 5 levels of intensity to choose and different accessories heads for different muscles pain area. It’s cordless and quiet

Good purchase ekrin B37 (4/5)

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