Ekrin Athletics B37S

If you want to compete at the highest level, you need performance that is unrivaled

Meet the all-new B37S: the ultimate performance tool that delivers the power and signature features the pros demand.


All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Experience up to 30% more power with our advanced technology
  • Ultra-quiet technology for a more peaceful massage.
  • 5 Speeds, 6 Attachments
  • Four attachments for versatile use
  • Slim, easy-grip handle
  • Travel Case Included
  • Locking Massage Heads

Why is Ekrin Athletics B37S priced that way?

The B37S is priced the way it is because of the advanced technology and powerful performance it offers. Equipped with a commercial-grade brushless motor, it delivers the kind of power that professionals demand. With up to 30% more force at speeds 1-3, the B37S is capable of delivering percussive treatment that is more effective than ever before.

When it comes to your recovery, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.

Ekrin Athletics B37S

  • Relieve tight, sore muscles: Alleviate stiff, sore, and strained muscles that make exercising difficult. Find instant relief with our deep tissue massage gun. Rapid percussion sends therapeutic vibration deep into muscle tissue, quickly easing pain, knots, and stiffness.
  • Enhance performance and recovery: With 5 speeds ranging from 1400 – 3200 RPM, the B37S gives a wide range of power to provide deep tissue massage or delicate treatment. Customize usage with 6 locking attachments designed for the perfect percussive body massage.
  • Energizes and activates the body:  30 seconds of treatment “wakes up” the muscles by increasing blood flow and releasing tension. Activate your muscles to maximize training & performance.
  • Powerful and quiet: With Quiet Glide Noise Reduction Technology, the Ekrin Athletics B37S massager delivers powerful vibration and percussion without the loud noise of other athletic recovery devices.


Learn about the advantages of using Ekrin B37S

Anyone who decides to use this percussion massager will have access to the following advantages:

  • Up to 30% More Power: The B37S device delivers up to 30% more force than its predecessor, making it a powerful tool for percussive treatment.
  • Ultra-Quiet Technology: Uses ultra-quiet technology, making it a more peaceful massage experience without disturbing others around you.
  • 5 Speeds, 6 Attachments: The device offers 5 different speed settings and 6 interchangeable attachments, allowing you to customize each treatment to your specific needs.
  • Four Attachments for Versatile Use: The Massage gun comes with 4 versatile attachments that allow you to use it on different areas of your body.
  • Slim, Easy-Grip Handle: The Muscle Massage’s lim and easy-grip handle makes it comfortable to hold during long massage sessions.
  • Travel Case Included: The device comes with a travel case that makes it easy to take with you on the go, ensuring you can maintain your muscle treatment regimen no matter where you are.
  • Locking Massage Heads: The percussion massager features locking massage heads that keep each attachment securely in place during use, preventing any accidental detachment and ensuring a safe and effective muscle treatment every time.

Ekrin Athletics B37S Review

What is the opinion of those who have used the Ekrin B37S

4th Generation and recommended I start my research there and purchase a massager that met my requirements/needs. I looked at the Pro model he has but was not comfortable with the $500 price point. I was completely happy with the Theragun Elite 4th Generation after doing a lot of research and review reading as to the exact reason for any dissatisfaction. One review stood out since it was mentioned not once but on multiple websites where the massager can be purchased. The negative mentioned was the fact that the battery within the Theragun Elite 4th Generation seems to fail too soon and the warranty on the product is only one year. So, again I looked for comparison reviews to discover competitors’ that I should take a serious look at. In doing so, I found that many of the comparison reviews held the Ekrin Athletics B37S in high esteem. This took me back to research and more reading of many reviews after which I was convinced, I had found my massager. Not only were there many positive reviews but for many owners they were sincerely happy with their massager. What sold me is the fact that I have used it everyday after charging for varying amounts of time and the battery indicator is still full. The massager is strong, low noise and has a lifetime warranty! I have complete piece of mind with my purchase.

Awesome to help relax and unwind! (5/5)

This does a great job, can take a lot of pushing. Compared it to the Achedaway, that one goes deeper, but my wife felt like it was too much. Kept this as a compromise that made us both happy.

Pretty good crowd pleaser (4/5)

Just received my Ekrin B37s. This thing is well built and a warranty that exceeds all others. Don’t hesitate to purchase.

Well built (5/5)

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