Opove M3 PRO 2

Experience professional-grade performance with the M3 Pro 2 massage gun.

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All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Speed: 5 Variable Speeds up to 2500rpm
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • 6 Massage Heads
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎ 15 x 9 x 3 inches
  • Stroke Length: 12 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Stall force: 70 Pounds

Why is Opove M3 PRO 2 priced that way?

Opove M3 Pro has become a customer favorite with over 500,000 units sold worldwide since its launch. Its successor, the M3 Pro 2 massage gun, boasts even better performance and an affordable price. Unlike other massage guns with high RPM, the M3 Pro 2 features a reasonable percussion that solves muscle problems and provides a comfortable experience without desensitizing the skin or causing pain.

Better than its predecessor? Opove took customer feedback into account when redesigning the M3 Pro 2, which now features hidden vents for better heat dissipation and durability, and prevents any internal mechanical smells from disrupting your massage. Like other cordless massage guns, M3 PRO 2 comes with a carrying case, so you can take on your travels. Experience professional-grade performance with the M3 Pro 2, a decent massage percussion gun.

Opove M3 PRO 2

  • 12mm Amplitude For Deep Muscle Treatment 
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Long Battery Life, Up to 240 minutes.
  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, And Massage Heads
  • Maximum speeds up to 2500rpm



Advantages of using Opove M3 PRO 2 percussion massager

Anyone who decides to use this percussion massager will have access to the following advantages:

  • Powerful and Deep Massaging: The 12mm amplitude and max 70lbs stall force of the M3 Pro 2 massage gun delivers powerful and deep massaging that can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.
  • Long Battery Life: With a run-time of 4-8 hours depending on speed level and pressure applied during use, the M3 Pro 2 massage gun can last for multiple sessions without needing to be recharged. This makes it a convenient option for those who want to use it frequently.
  • Versatile Speed Range: The 5 speed ranges of the M3 Pro 2 massage gun can fully cover all massage or relaxation needs. With a max speed of 2500 RPM, it can help you solve muscle problems and feel comfortable without desensitizing the skin or causing pain.
  • Super Quiet: With a max noise level of less than 55dB, the M3 Pro 2 massage gun is super quiet and won’t bother your life. You can watch TV, talk with friends or even use it at its highest speed without any disturbance.
  • Convenient Carrying Case: The M3 Pro 2 massage gun comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store at home, carry on travel or even prepare as a gift for your relatives and friends.

Charger for Opove M3 PRO 2

OPOVE M3 Pro2 Massage Gun Charger AC Adapter Power Supply, Original, Not Fit Other Brand


Opove M3 PRO 2 Massage gun Reviews

What is the opinion of those who have used the Opove M3 PRO 2 Muscle gun?

Great for restless leg syndrome. (4/5)

Has helped me so much with my hour and a half of T.V. time in the evening. I walk around the house all day while doing chores just to keep my legs moving so I won’t be in pain. Then when I set down it is unbearable. I get to take that wonderful pill at 7. It take over an hour to work and then i go to bed. Believe me I have tried everything. That hour and a half is spent massaging my legs with this product. It has been a life saver.
It a little heavy and the flat attachment which broke with a couple months was my favorite. I will try to get another part and will let you know how that goes.

A godsend for people too ticklish and spastic for traditional massage (5/5)

For years I have been having issues with trigger points in my quads and hamstrings that I just couldn’t take care of with foam rolling. I have used numerous self-massage solutions (eg. rolling, vibrating rollers, Bodyback buddy, Thera cane, my own hands) and even the help of a professional massage therapist.

In those same years, I have researched anatomy, kinesiology, massage therapy, and acupuncture for the pain. While every treatment had its benefits, (professional treatment of course is the best of the bunch) nothing compares to this massage gun.

I’m ticklish, very ticklish. Spastic is more accurate really. While hiring a professional trigger point massage therapist was one of the best investments I could have made for my health at the time, he simply could not work on some parts of me that were in dire need of work because I would jerk violently at the slightest pressure to those areas. SCM? no deal. sartorius? couldn’t do it. Hamstring? a recipe for getting kicked in the face. Anything around the iliac crest? a recipe for getting kneed in the face. I wished I wouldn’t happen, but it was all involuntary, no matter how much I focused and meditated on the reaction, it was not enough to let the therapist get any work done

Enter Opove.
This thing sidesteps all the sensitivity issues I had and now I and experiencing mobility I couldn’t remember ever having before. At its highest setting, the hammer moves so fast that my CNS doesn’t have the time to react, so the pressure is barely felt, no jerking happens, but the fascia is still being broken up. I use this device every day in the morning when I wake up. I use it at night before I go to bed. I use it in the middle of the day when I have a break and want to work on my trigger points.

It feels great to use and it feels even better to live a life having had used it.

Now, of course, with all this glowing praise the device does have room for improvement.

For example, this thing can get pretty hot, expect about 10 minutes of sustained use before it turns itself off to prevent overheating, which if you are using it on multiple people in a short amount of time may be worth consideration. I just use it on myself so it is not much of a big deal.

One other place where there is room for improvement is also in the ergonomics of the device. When using it, I am often holding the handle/battery with one hand and bracing the back of the device with the other to prevent it from bouncing too much. However the back of the Opove M3 Pro is a cylinder with tight corners, so bracing it with two hands is not the most comfortable experience. Though to be sure, as stated previously, it can vibrate so fast that you won’t feel anything while you are using it, its just for a few minutes after there may be soreness where the hands were on the corners. I can place my palm on the flat part of the cylinder, though given that that is one of two air vents for the motor I sometimes get nervous that it would overheat faster if I were to go that route.

Despite the areas where it may need improvement, I have to say that this is easily the best piece of electronics I have received this year, the benefits for my joint health can’t be overstated, and the fact that it comes with different heads that attach to the device is a huge plus.

My life had changed because of this massage gun.

Changed my life (5/5)

I bought this gun two and a half years ago. I use it almost daily. I even take it when I travel. I have a very physical job and I am older so this helps me keep my body more supple. I get regular professional massages as well but in between massages this gun is the ticket. I even take it when I travel. The weight and the space that it takes up is worth it to have it with me at all times. My wife bought one a year after I bought mine and it had a soft tip which I really liked. I bought a tip kit that had the soft tip and I used the soft tip almost exclusively. If you have aches and pains this is a must for you.

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