Opove M3

Achieve your maximum potential with Opove M3, the perfect tool for muscle recovery and relaxation.


All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Speed: 5 Variable Speeds up to 2500rpm
  • Stroke Length: 10mm
  • Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Stall force: 40 Pounds
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎ 7.56 x 6.06 x 2.28 inches
  • 6 Massage Heads
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Why is Opove M3 priced that way?

A good price? The price of this massage gun can be attributed to its advanced features and high-quality design. The adjustable speed levels with 5 settings that deliver up to 2500 percussions per minute, and the LCD touch screen display with remaining power and speed level indicators make it easy and intuitive to use.

Moreover, The ergonomic handle design also allows for easy hitting of hard-to-reach spots, making recovery easier. The internal lithium-ion battery with 5-8 hours of continuous use, type-C charging port for greater portability, and hidden vent design for better heat dissipation and durability also contribute to the price.

Additionally, the super quiet operation with a max noise level lower than 55dB and compact, lightweight design for easy travel make it a convenient and high-quality choice for customers. Explore the next level of percussion with Opove M3.

Opove M3

  • 10mm Amplitude For Deep Muscle Treatment 
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Long Battery Life, Up to 300 minutes.
  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, And Massage Heads
  • Maximum speeds up to 2500rpm



Advantages of using Opove M3 percussion massager

Anyone who decides to use this percussion massager will have access to the following advantages:

  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, and Attachments: It comes with 5 Speed Settings delivering up to 2500 percussions per minute that you can control with a LCD screen touch display. Not to mention the 6 diferent masage head to use accordingly to your need.
  • 10mm Amplitude for Deep Muscle Treatment: Satisfies the different muscle groups and provides a deep-tissue massage
  • User-Friendly and ergonomic design: This design prevents customers from being disturbed by any internal mechanical smell during use, ensuring a comfortable massage experience. The handle is also ergonomically and easy to hold, you wouldn’t have problem with it slipping out of your hand!
  • Type-C USB cable: Allowing it to be charged with any regular phone adapter on a wall socket, power bank and even your laptop! The M3 massage gun offers one of the biggest leaps in battery life, with an internal lithium-ion battery providing 5-8 hours of continuous use (depending on the speed level and pressure applied during use).
  • Quiet: With sound levels of 55dB, so low that you won’t wake up anyone nearby. Enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere, without disturbing anyone around you.
  • Convenient Carrying Case: M3 massage gun is accompanied by a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to store at home, carry on travel or even prepare as a gift for your relatives and friends.

Charger for Opove M3

OPOVE M3 Massage Gun Charger AC Adapter Power Supply, Original, Not Fit Other Brand


What is the opinion of those who have used the Opove M3 Muscle gun?

Another Company that stands behind their product! (4/5)

The Opove Massage Gun for Athletes Deep Tissue Professional Percussion Fascia Massager, WOW!
Was purchased on August 12, 2021 and the only issue I can remember was the selection of attachments because I purchased a set from somewhere here because I was not too happy with their selection but I needed it and it always made the Ol’Klunker feel better with either attachment.
So it has been used A WHOLE LOT on this Ol”klunker in the first 11 months but due to health issues I took about a month off and when I started again… no lights & NOT charging and OF COURSE it had to happen around 30 days past its 1 year warranty expiration date so I started pricing massagers, AGAIN, and I noticed the original purchase, M3 Pro Max, Black NOT AVAILABLE at Amazon so just for the shirt of it I decided to email the manufacturer, OP MASSAGER AND much to my surprise I was asked to submit a short video & answer a few questions… lo & behold, per the attached pics, a replacement M3 Pro Max, Black over a month past its expiration date!
It is always a pleasure dealing with professional responsible customer reps with companies that stand behind their products unlike OTHERS (you know who you are!) that really don’t care.
I am including how the massager box arrived in order to document in case something occurs to this unit prematurely but note that the outer shipping box was not deformed in anyway and the unit is working today.
It was a pleasure doing business with Opove try them you won’t be disappointed!

Excellent massage gun. (5/5)

I think there’s 4 things that are important in a massage gun 1) Stoke amplitude (how far the head moves in and out), 2) Stall force which is how much pressure you can apply before the guns stops working, 3) Noise and 4) Price.

If you didn’t care about noise, your best bet is one of the adapted jigsaws like the WORX that have a stoke amplitude of 29mm and a stall force so high that I couldn’t get it to stop (plus, jigsaws are cheap). The main problems with the jigsaws were that they are so loud that they are annoying as crap and also they make you always hold down the trigger.

I liked the Fitpulse gun when it worked but it was defective twice so I returned it. The Fitpulse had a stroke amplitude of 10mm and a reasonable stall force. I tried the Flyby F1 pro because it claimed to have a stoke amplitude of 15mm, but in my opinion it was more like 6mm and felt more like a strong vibration than a massage gun. The Hyperice Hypervolt felt much like a Fitpulse but had a much better stall force. It’s also very expensive The Hypervolt Plus actually feels really good with a pulse amplitude of 13 mm and a very high stall force, but it is expensive. It lists for $400 but you can get a non-bluetooth version for $300 while supplies last.

Finally the Opove M3 Max feels great. It gave me a significantly better massage than the Fitpulse or the Hypervolt and as good or better than the Hypervolt Plus. (I like a very vigorous massage so if that’s not what you want, get a different gun. ) They claim that the pulse amplitude is 15mm and I believe them because it measured slightly more than the Hypervolt plus. I also measured the noise level with my phone and on at the highest setting I loudest measurement I could get was about 64 db which was only 2 db more than the Hypervolt Plus. (They sound extremely similar and they’re both quiet enough that my family won’t chase me from the room when we’re watching TV)

The only slight negative is that the stall force is less than the Hypervolt plus and I don’t know if I believe then when they say it’s 50lb (It’s more like the Fitpulse in that respect.) Still it’s never been an issue for me, and I go extremely deep. I got my gun for $169 and if you hunt around for coupons you can get it at that price. For me it’s the best one by far unless you are willing to spend a ton of money.

A really good product (4/5)

i am an acupuncturist and body worker. i did a fair amount of research on reviews of various products and noticed a lot of physical therapists said this was their go to product. i have to agree. it is powerful and effective in pain relief. the only thing i would say is it’s very loud and vibrates quite a bit. but i would buy this machine again in a heartbeat.

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