Bob and Brad X6 Pro

Revitalize your muscles, Recharge your body with the powerful deep percussion of X6 Pro


All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Speed: 5 speeds up to 3200rpm
  • Weigh: 1.9lbs
  • Patented Near-Silent Technology
  • 5 Massage Heads
  • Stall Force: 55lbs
  • Rechargeable battery fo 2500 mAh
  • Dimensions: 7.8×9.6×2.9 inch

Why is Bob and Brad X6 Pro priced that way?

A good deal on a deep tissue percussion massage gun is waiting for you, with all the necessary features to make it stand out in a competitive market. A Massage gun completely thought in the muscular recovery with 55 LBS stall force for deeper massages.

Ideal for both heat and cold therapies thanks to its metal head, designed for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts, providing its users with muscle recovery in a matter of minutes! A good tip is to wrap a towel around the metal head before use.

Its price is incomparable to the value of the product you receive when you opt for this massage gun. An ergonomic , portable, silent and with many modalities that make it the ideal percussion gun to relieve your pain, designed for both daily routines as well as for the use of athletes, invest in the best quality.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro

  • 10.5mm Amplitude For Deep Muscle Treatment 
  • Ultra-Quiet Technology with Commercial-Grade Power 
  • 2500mAh Long lasting battery life
  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, And Massage Heads
  • Maximum speeds up to 3200rpm


Advantages of using Bob and Brad X6 Pro percussion massager

A brand endorsed by experts could not be left behind in terms of advantages, look at all the advantages that this percussion gun offers!

  • Outstanding Power: X6 Pro is Equipped with a 25W high-torque brushless motor that delivers up to 55lbs of pressure.
  • Quiet: It is not surprising how quiet Bob and Brad Massage guns are, this model is not the exception, at its maximum speed it only produces 55 dB, so it won’t disturb anyone around you.
  • Speeds and accessories to suit your needs: Equipped with 5 speeds from 2000 rmp to 3200 rpm with a massage density of 10.5 mm and 5 massage heads designed for sports performance, pain relief and injury recovery.
  • Portable and effective: Due to its handle made from fiberglass and liquid silicone, it is a soft and comfortable tool to hold, not to mention Thanks to its titanium alloy construction, the high-strength dual shafts of this massage gun provide long-lasting and efficient performance with minimal vibration for comfortable and effective relief of muscle pain.
  • Non-stop performance: With an incredible high amperage battery (2500) which allows 240 minutes of continuous use, that is 4 hours straight!. This muscle massage gun charges in only 3.5 hours, so if you use it for only 10 minutes a day, this battery charge will last up to a month.
  • Optimal ventilation: Due to its powerful engine, this massage gun is equipped with a high-performance fan, which prevents overheating during continuous use.
  • Founded by Pts Bob and Brad: Unlike other massage guns on the market, D6 Was created by profesionals with years of experinece, What better than an expert when it comes to muscle care?

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Massage gun Reviews

What is the opinion of those who have used the Bob and Brad X6 Pro Muscle gun?

I love this massage gun! I use it everyday, especially when i wake up from sleeping wrong. I love the interchangeable heads and it really does hold a charge for a long time. The massager is so powerful that you really only need a few minutes of use on the affected area. Being a massage therapist, I can’t tell you how much this thing has come in handy after working long hours on the job! Definitely worth the money.

High Power! (5/5)

Like many of you, I was interested in a massage gun but didn’t want to break the bank. That led me to search for “value” alternatives to the big brands that can easily cost $300, $400 or even more. I watch Bob and Brad on YouTube and my searching eventually brought me to the X6 Pro.

Let me tell you, this massage gun is AWESOME. It might be less expensive than the bigger industry names but the build quality is absolutely on par. It’s as robust as any other massage gun I’ve used before. It has a very reassuring weight that gives it a premium feel. There’s absolutely nothing flimsy about it. The lengthy handle makes getting the hard-to-reach spots on my back a breeze. It also comes with a generous number of attachments, including a solid metal one that looks intimidating at first but has become my favorite for big muscles like my quads and glutes. It also comes with a very nice carrying case that makes storing it easy and keeps me from losing any of the attachments.

This massage gun has surprising but not overpowering strength. I’ve used some massage guns that feel like they’re beating the heck out of me during use. The X6 has the perfect amount of power that feels like you’re receiving a deep tissue massage instead of feeling like you’re being pummeled by a kickboxer. Between the five power levels and the various attachments, it’s always easy to find the perfect combination for my needs. Unless you’re an elite athlete or have super dense muscles, I think everyone would pleased with the power output.

Despite its power, this thing is surprisingly quiet. I’ve used a Theragun Prime and it’s really noisy. I have a two year old son and I don’t hesitate to use my X6 Pro in the same room while he naps. It’s not silent, but it has a pleasant hum that sounds like white noise.

The only tiny nitpick I have is the charger. I wish it was USB-C so I wouldn’t have to keep up with another charger in the house. That’s a first world problem though so it’s no big deal.

To wrap this up, don’t hesitate to buy the X6 if you’re on the fence. It’s a high quality machine that outperforms its price point. Unless you’re The Hulk with bulging muscles, save yourself some money and skip the big brands. This is all you need.

A great no-compromise alternative to the pricier options (5/5)

My original massage gun became defective after 7 months. My original massage gun worked great, all of my friends were impressed by it. This company level of support is phenomenal: I lost my charger, they sent me a new one. My massage gun became defective and they sent me a replacement. The company is quick with providing support and responding to emails.I have two massage guns from bob and brad, I have the mini massage gun as well. I highly recommend them.

This company is great (5/5)

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