Renpho Hand Held

A design that fits all your needs. Discover the most important features of this handheld massage gun with this review.


All the characteristics that you should know about this percussion massager:

  • Speed: 4 Variable Speeds up to 3600 rpm
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Cordless handheld massager
  • 5 Massage Heads
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: ‎‎ 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches; 1.76 Pounds
  • Simple Control Panel with 4 buttons:

Why is Renpho Hand Held priced that way?

is it worth? With its 3600 rpm gives for fact a deep massage, this massage gun besides having a unique design, has qualities such as its silicone handle, preventing slipping and improving grip for a comfortable massage in addition to modes of practical uses through buttons in which you can level the power and speed of massage, ideal for relax on feet, calf, shoulders, neck, back, muscle, arms, and legs.

The amount of time of use is an important aspect to highlight in a massage gun and Renpho Hand Held is no expepcion, with more than 140 minutes of continuous use you can enjoy a prolonged massage. It is important to note that it cannot be used while charging. With over 60,000 mostly positive ratings this gun may be just what you are looking for, take a look at their offerings.

Renpho Hand held

  • 10mm Amplitude For Deep Muscle Treatment 
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Long Battery Life, Up to 140 minutes.
  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, And Massage Heads
  • Maximum speeds up to 3600rpm


Advantages of using Renpho Hand Held percussion massager

Anyone who decides to use this percussion massager will have access to the following advantages:

  • Personalized Speeds, Modes, and Massage Heads: With four different speeds to choose from, you can easily adjust the intensity of your massage to suit your needs.
  • Ergonomic Silicone Grips: Say goodbye to hand cramps and discomfort during long massage sessions, Silicone handle ensures a comfortable grip that maximizes your comfort preventing slipping
  • Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment: satisfies the different muscle groups and provides a deep-tissue massage. With precision targeting, Renpho Hand Held massage gun gets deep into knots and pain points, providing instant relief.
  • Fully self-sufficient: With a high quality battery that delivers up to 140 Minutes Continious Battery Life
  • Cordless and rechargeable: It has two rechargeable batteries included, however it cannot be used while charging for safety purposes.
  • Intensity measured by buttons: Its body has 4 buttons where you can adjust the speed and massage intensity.

Renpho Hand Held Massage gun Reviews

What is the opinion of those who have used the Renpho Hand Held Muscle gun?

Excellent buy (5/5)

Bought this as a Christmas present and it’s awesome. It’s very simple to use, the carrying case is very nice and compact, and the overall size of the massage gun makes it easy to travel with and take places. It only has 5 speeds compared to some of the bigger ones that have 20ish speed settings but it gets the job done.

The only reason it didn’t get the 5 star is because the “heated head” isn’t really effective and didn’t really work as well as I was expecting it to, which is sad because it was one of the reasons why I chose this one. In hindsight, I would have saved a few extra dollars to get the kit without the heated head. Other than that, it’s a great massage gun!I bought this after buying (and returning) a manual Sharper Image massager and I’m very happy that I did. For about the same price I have an amazing device that has helped me tremendously with long term lower back pain and general muscle aches. I use it each morning when I get out of bed, again after doing about 45 minutes of stretching and then just before going to bed. I told my physical therapist about it and he thought it might be helpful. It’s been more than helpful, it’s been almost life changing. I tend to store a lot of stress in my muscles and this device takes it away in just a few minutes. It is powerful but not so much so that its painful. Of course you have to be careful not to apply to much pressure especially to bony areas. For those who say these types of massagers are dangerous, I didn’t find evidence of this. Percussion massagers have been around for a long time. The up and down action removes tension and lactic acid buildup in muscles. Charging is easy using the provided charging cord and the unit stands up nicely in the stand. I have found that charging it every few days works well (see below for information provided by the company.) You get 5 hard plastic heads that are easily changed by unscrewing from the unit. I was afraid they would be too hard, but they work great! I mainly use the round one as it provides direct but not painful massage. I don’t find the unit to be overly heavy but I’m middle aged and in good health. The long handle lets me reach my upper and lower back fairly easily. Customer service from this company is amazing. Each time I’ve emailed them (I own one of their scales) they get back to me within hours with thoughtful, well written and easily to understand instructions. Let me be clear that I was not compensated in any way for this device or review but I think it’s important to share real experiences to better inform consumers. I did buy the long term protection plan because I know I will use this massager for a long, long time.
Tips- After reading some reviews I had it in my mind that the unit would not be working when I got it. I don’t think some people read instructions (including me!) and I assumed that the red light meant it was still charging so I waited and waited for it to go green after plugging it in. Then I reread the instructions! Blinking Red- Still charging. Solid Red- Fully charged. Green- unit is ON (running.)
Press and hold power button to turn on. Press + or- to increase or decrease vibration strength. Press and hold power button to turn off.

It works pretty well (3/5)

Just received this massager today. Works just like any other handheld massager I’ve ever used. My doc recommended using a ball or something to treat spasms in my trap muscle, and this works fine. I only have two issues, the first being with the stand they provide. The massager comes with five attachments but the stand only has cutouts to hold two. Or I guess technically three, if you leave one of the attachments on the massager. I personally would prefer a carry case or pouch instead of the stand. My other issue is the “3 Intensive” head is clearly stressed, as if it was used. It feels sturdy, but either this was a used unit that was sent to me as new, or quality control is lacking. Not particularly happy about that in either case.

Overall, considering the cost and other reviews, I purchased it with tempered expectations. It’s not terribly expensive so I won’t be too upset when it eventually stops working, assuming that’s in more than a month or two.

Wish it could be used while charging.. (4/5)

TL;DR: It’s good for the price, feels like a really strong vibrating back massager, battery life listing is deceptive since it gets weaker when as the charge drops and you may have to charge it long before it actually dies.

I bought this for 3 reasons. First was easiest to meet, it was just because I think back massagers feel good. This one obviously qualifies, it actually felt surprisingly good on my feet as well. The second was pain relief, sometimes my neck gets sore when I’m sitting at the computer, so I keep this right next to my desk to hit my neck and shoulders really quick if it gets to an annoying level. The third was more of an experimental use which was to help with stretches. I have pretty mediocre flexibility on my leg muscles (I’m a pretty sedentary person) and recently have tried to get in the habit of doing a few stretches when I remember. I ran into the issue that when I stretch my hamstrings it hurts and I can’t actually get to a point where I feel a stretch before the burning feeling takes over and I back off to avoid damaging something. So now I use this to try and get the muscle to relax while I’m trying to stretch it, no word on if that’s working though.

Speaking of the product itself it feels like a very strong vibration, because it only moves along one axis rather than being an unbalanced weight rotating it has a pretty powerful effect. It feels great even if you don’t have pain you or tension you’re trying to work out. The heads are okay for some I’d guess but I only use the basic round one, or sometimes use it without one of the heads to use the flat surface so I can balance it in place a bit. I was hoping for something wired or that could be used while it charged personally. I don’t really see myself needing to carry this somewhere that won’t have an outlet so the wireless is minimally convenient. The battery is decent but I wonder if the quote for how long it can be used between charges is from full battery to dead, I find that the power weakens considerably as the battery drains and I imagine it’d be basically useless on lower charges, this also depends since I tend to use the highest 2 settings it’s really noticeable. When it starts to die the highest setting feels like the 2nd highest, so if you use a middle setting you’ll likely be able to go further between charges.

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